Our services

picture 1 Paperwork

We process all the environment-related paperwork before the dependencies of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (SETENA, TAA, Public Waters Department, SINAC, Conservation Areas) and the Ministry for Public Health, as well as other permits related to environmental issues. Specifically, we can process the following types of paperwork and applications:

Institution Revelant permits and paperwork


  • D1 and D2 forms
  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Environmental Impact Studies

  • Comparative Environmental Impact Tables
  • Environmental regency
  • Research, design strategies and resolution of cases at the customer's request
  • Administrative appeals and rulings

Ministry of Health

  • Solid waste management plans
  • Wastewater management plans
  • Emissions control plans
  • Operational reports for water treatment facilities
  • Registration of chemical and hazardous substances
  • Thermo-hygrometer measurements
  • Training for brigades
  • Emergency containment plans

Occupational Health Council

  • Occupational health plans
  • Illumination, noise and temperature studies
  • Consultancy for execution of emergency drills
  • Preparation of reports for the Occupational Health Council

Public Waters Department

  • Concessions to use wells, rivers, streams and springs
  • Construction permits for works located on riverbeds
  • Hydrological evaluations for infraestructure construction
  • Waste disposal permits

Local governments

  • Patents
  • Location permits

Costarincan Tourism Institute

  • Paperwork related to coastline properties

Other permits related to environmental affairs:

  • Logging permits
  • Construction permits inside protected zones
  • Municipal permits associated with environmental issues

picture 2 Environmental-legal counseling

We can provide consulting for regulatory compliance on environmental-jurisdictional topics, follow-ups on cases before the Environmental Administrative Court and the Environmental Prosecutor's Office, consultancies in arbitration proceedings and submission and monitoring of habeas corpus in environmental issues. Specifically:

  • Environmental-legal counseling for regulatory compliance (may/may not be for ISO 14001 certification)
  • Monthly environmental-legal updates
  • Addressing cases before the Environmental Administrative Court
  • Tracking cases before the Environmental Prosecutor's Office

  • Addressing environmental and legal consultations, including inspections prior to the subsequent identification of applicable regulations on environmental and health issues
  • Miscellaneous paperwork related to conservation areas
  • Environmental-legal education
  • Environmental compliance audits
  • Advising on arbitration process
  • Habeas corpus in environmental issues and monitoring of those that had been processed

picture 4 Comprehensive Environmental Management

We provide advise on the following types of processes:

  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • Efficient use of water and energy
  • Implementation of recycling programs
  • Training in environmental and occupational safety
  • Volunteer environmental management plans
  • Definition of environmental policy
  • Advice on green certifications, such as LEED and Audubon
  • Developing programs for Corporate Social Responsibility

picture 5 Carbon neutrality

We perform carbon emission inventories and provide the necessary advise for mitigating these emissions.

picture 3 Project planning

We provide planning assistance in the following areas:

  • Baseline studies: geological, hydrological, forestry, biological terrestrial, aquatic biological, sociological, institutional aspects
  • Environmental component in master plans
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Project execution strategies that allow for: cost reduction, a clearly defined legal situation and successful completion.
  • Management plans for protected wildlife areas (refuges and the like)
  • Paperwork related to construction work on coastline properties before the Costarican Tourism Institute

picture 1 Occupational health

We perform analyses of working environment conditions, including variables such as noise, illumination and documentation required by the Ministry of Health and the Occupational Health Counsel. Specifically:

  • Occupational health plans
  • Registration of occupational health departments and task forces
  • Preparation of trimestral reports
  • Emergency management plans
  • Advise on emergency drills execution
  • Illumination, noise and temperature analyses.